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Electrolytic galvanizing services with new equipment and facilities to high quality standards in the area Sibiu – Mediaș

Services for industry

Alkaline electro zinc plating galvanization

Galvanic galvanizing services (galvanic coating) for medium-sized metal landmarks. Galvanizing services in the Sibiu area for companies.

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Constructii metalice Tarnava
REM International
Zincare Galvanica Medias

Alkaline electro zinc plating galvanization

Alkaline electro zinc plating  galvanization is one of the anti-corrosion protection methods that, thanks to zinc, offers a longer durability of steel. We  have a line for alkaline electrochemical zinc plating  galvanizing of parts in Frames  which, unlike other methods, offers a wide range of benefits:

  • ensures anti-corrosion protection with a decorative effect
  • there is no risk of deformation of the landmarks
  • it is used for landmarks that have tight dimensions, it lends itself very well to automotive parts
  • the thickness of the zinc layer can be controlled, the zinc layer can be controlled between 7 and 24 microns
Environment protection

Our services are performed on new and modern installations that allow the use of technologies and chemical substances that have a less relevant impact on the environment.

We have obtained all environmental permits from the relevant authorities and are careful to protect the environment.

Alkaline electro zinc plating galvanization

We provide customers with electro zinc plating /alkaline galvanizing tanks of the following sizes:

  • tank dimensions 1700 x 500 x 1000 (L x W x H)
  • Production capacity of 32 frames/day (1.7 square meters/frame)
  • zinc plating layer thickness 5-18 μm